Oxygen Mask ON?


Have you flown before? If not, they go over the saying “Always place your oxygen mask on first before you you are able to help the person next to you.”

This week I went through this situation. I got the flu. The bad case of the flu. Do you know what I mean?

Flu Symptoms: 

  • Fever

As I was sitting at my desk, with my non-cherpy, low mood, not being able to talk self.  I decided to go home.  My reasoning behind that was, first of my Director had asked me how I was feeling and My answer was not so well. I began to think how I always tell people to take care of thier selves before they are able to help others. And I thought, what kind of person would I be if I did not do the same?

So this is my third day off from working. My fever is down, coughing still a bit, but I’m not causing anyone to get sick. I’m resting, placing my O2 mask on first before I go and help for next year.

Always take care of you first, you cannot help others if you are half baked. You can do better service when you are able to breath first. If you cannot breath, you cannot then be able to place the oxygen mask back on someone else who really needs your help.

Smile and Breath (If you want)

Jes Sofia

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