Find your Voice

There are many ways to find your voice. It is what a lot of people lack on a daily basis. Your voice is not just the tone that comes out of your vocal cords. Your voice is your assertiveness, your passions, what you like to talk about…you voice doesn’t even have to be verbalize; you can be an interior decorator, an artist, a writer. How you allow your creativity to be voiced.

I’ve come across an array of people who do not know how to specify their voice. They do a lot and have no targets, not “ultimate” goals. This too is part of having a voice, how will you brainstorm; create order of your thoughts to be able to allow others to understand you. How can you make it so that others are able to apply what you say into their lives? What content will you provide for your voice to be productive…after all, having a voice is awesome, but not saying anything with meaning is not…unless your voice was meant to be the voice of nonsense.

Something I tend to do before I open my mouth is to ask myself…how will what I am about to say be productive to that someone I am saying this to? (Operative words: thinking before) how will this affect them, can they take what I have to say? You are always open to say what you want, where, and when…But know what your speak of before you open your mouth to let the tone resound from vocal cords. I speak from prior experience. Talking just to talk is sometimes wasted time. Wasted time is foolish because you can be doing something productive. 

Know yourself, your wants and needs. Learn the differences of assertive and aggressive. Think before you speak (a hard one for most) and most of all, be you.  If you don’t think before you speak…hey that’s you right?

Only your voice is yours. You can sometimes sound like others, but don’t forget that your voice is yours…and that just because you speak it does not mean that people will listen. I’m a therapist I know this all to well… Don’t take it to heart. Some people are just not ready to hear you. Someday, they will. Just know you have planted your seed.

Enjoy Your Voice.

Smile (If you want)

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