My Life By Mary J. Blige

I was looking for one gift: My Clue… A scent, “perfect harmony of Fruit (Pear and Apricot), Gardenia, Tuberose and Cashmere Wood. Plus, it’s just Mary—the confident woman we all know and love.”…I searched through out… what perfume would lead me to this?… I typed (Pear and Apricot) on google and found ONE scent with this description. As I continued to type, I gained “consciousness” and typed everything again. Guess what came out?  YES! Mary J. Blige’s New Fragrance, MY LIFE with Carol’s Daughter!  It was Warm scent and Confident. Just like my clue… said. I hope this is what the gift called for… hopefully it was not Mary J. Blige herself because I am not hooked up like that yet.  🙂

Get one and you will see what I’m writing about.

Smile (If you want)

Jes Sofia


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