Having a Low day?


Back to being after life knocks you around.

If you are like me, at some point (or many points) … Life has giving you a one-two, two-one punch (or something like that saying). You go through the hardships, the feeling out of control and even laying in bed not wanting to get out hoping no one remembers you.

https://bloggersofhealth.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/sleeping-snoopy.jpgI will tell you, I’ve been through it. I’ve had pain where I wish I was not made the Happy Go Lucky person everyone sees. I wanted to just sleep and hope my physical pain went away. But someone would call me. When I heard the message, it was something other than how are you? I wished someone would just call to ask that. Eventually I started to tell people of my life stories and the crap I went through to stay walking, literally, including what I do now to try to keep this ongoing pain away.

So I write to you with a mission, To make you aware of someone more than just you. I’m an advocate for taking care of yourself, but with that I ask that you not forget your friends and others around you.

So here are some ways that I’ve bounced back, I hope it helps:

  • Journal writing: 
    • I would start writing. What I felt. What part of my body hurt. I wrote it down in paper…I let it go and went back to back to the living. 
    • Understanding your self and others: 
      • I became to understand that keeping myself down was only hurting me. No one else. Just me. 
    • That others will lend a hand. Learn to lean on your friends, but don’t overuse them.
    • Also know that they have all right not be there for your if they can’t, find someone that can. Even if it is a Stranger, You would be surprised how many people that don’t know you are willing to help you.
  • Speaking out: 
    • Telling someone that you need help does not make you weak. 
    • Screaming, being loud and obnoxious will not help… learn to use your words. 
    • Shutting yourself out only restarts the cycle…use your words.
    • Communicating your stories allows you to be reminded that life is worth living because you are now here, not where you use to be. 
  • Laugh: 
    • Put on your favorite episode of whatever, funniest home videos, I love Lucy, Gilmore Girls, Scooby Doo…something.
    • Being around people that will make you smile is always a plus. Caring back for those people reminds you that life if not just about you. 
  •  Faith: 
    • Go to church, temple, a serenity place to find God, locus of control, chi. 
    • Read positive books.
  • Exercise: 
    • Sometimes all we need is a little chemical reaction, walking helps. 
    • Dancing, go out with friends and allow yourself to have some fun. 
    • Go to the Getty Center, its free! Look at the beauty life has made. 
    • Jump in the rain puddles if you must.
  • Reminder: 
    • You are still number one. 
    • Remind yourself of your awesome self worth 
    • Of who you have allowed in your life. Are they a positive influence in your life?
    • If you had a miracle to ask for, what would it be? After answering that question, find methods, ways that will help you get those miracles.
      • If you don’t know the answer any of this question… well then you have a new project to work on; you.

Also! KNOW

That,  I want you to know that someone cares. In a time where everyone places over emphasis (it should be all year long) on family and friends, presents, money, havoc cooking and cookie making and you may feel forgotten- know that I didn’t forget. There is someone out there that cares. If I knew who you where, or If I was told your were not doing well, you would be hearing from me. So if you are reading this and no one knows you… Please know that even though I do not know you… I care. For real, not for fake. 😀

If not I wouldn’t be writing this for you right now. 

There is always a tomorrow. What you choose to do with it is just that. Trust that it will not be the same and you can begin to make it what you want to make it…everything has steps… So take that time to go strong. As someone I know has told me before… you will be “like a flyin’ bat outta hell” when you get better (or something like that. 😉 ).

Everyone has their low days, weeks or seasons. But at the end, it is what you make of it. I hope you choose to make it a great, filled with passion, compassion, style and all of the great things you allow to make it. Happy Holidays!

A hug for you.
Smile (if you want),

Jes Sofia Valle


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