My Affair…. with Dove

I love my Hair! 

Tis true. I think, taking care of my hair is the most time consuming part of getting ready for me. Granted I get ready pretty fast…(so I think..LOL).  But I do know and think is that taking care of myself is a big part of staying Mentally Prepared for my day. Because when I take care of me first, I can take care of everyone else better. So Taking care of me is very important. There is more to its than looking cute. 

So what does one do when they have frizzy long hair? Well, I will be honest. This is my to do list I do to keep my hair healthy as possible… 

1.  I wash my hair with Dove’s Hair Therapy. 

2. Brush it while its still wet 

3. Towel dry it and let the hair be damp dry. 

4. Add some Style+Care Frizz-Free Shine  Cream-Serum 
and let the hair dry out. 

Usually I let my hair air dry but If I have to then I’ll use my hair dryer to help it dry up a little bit. Still leaving it moist because I don’t like it all dry. 

After my hair is dry I place it in a Swirl Bun. (Is when you swirl you hair and make it into a bun). And a few hours later I have curls and bounce, soft and good smelling hair. Another reason why I don’t like to do too much to my hair is because If i add curls or dry it up with the blow dryer I get a burnt smell. 
And then I have this! I like to use my Self Friend pictures because I’m about keeping it real. So this is my Hair after I did What I wrote before. 

This is me with my hair about to speak at a Mental Health Pannel at the #LATISM13 conference in New York. 

and the Second picture is of me and Mel enjoying New York and an awesome fun time after dinner party. Isn’t she Gorgeous!? 🙂 

Note: Disclaimer: These Dove products were provided free of charge in collaboration with Bloggers of Health to facilitate this product review.  I just love their Hair Products and I like their Socially responsible company. 

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