Immigration of the Valle’s

Immigration of the Valle’s
What is immigration to me?  To me this means that we all came from somewhere. I was Born and Raised in Los Angeles Ca. However, My mother came from Guatemala to the states sent by my grandfather for her education, and a year later my father came to the states because he was in love.  With in the year they where married. My Great Grandparents came from Spain and Germany and I have Mayan-Guatemalan lineage. Oooo Child! 
My parents worked very hard, and with in 5 years they had the American Dream. They bought a home. In the Hood, and of course they did not know it was the hood of course, but it is an AWESOME home. After, they obtained their Associates College degree at night after school. I learned the value of education. I was happy to learn about computers, excel and word with my mom and HELLLOOOOO Frogger. (I was seven).
Through their immigration, we were able to grow, to be people who have hope, work through hardships and be able to be here, writing to you about my parents big experience, which I feel its their story to tell.  They taught me how to go about living my life through education, to have hopes and dreams and have love.
Immigration in my household means that I am LATINA, from Guatemala. And we like coffee. JNow I’m and Psychotherapist and a CEO of a Fast growing Blogging Company all thanks to my parents. 

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