For me, Life is what I experience. Weather it is something I Touch, feel, taste, see and don’t see but believe.

There are many paths to this Life thing. You make your own pathway. And sometimes your choice leads you to where you are currently. And other times, life just gives you things that you may not think you can’t handle; yet you are still alive.

Thus far, I have found that by pushing towards a goal has helped. Being and accepting my own self, have allowed me to get thought the weirdest moments in life. And by me being, I’ve smiled.


You have a choice to smile and/or be happy. For the people that cannot smile due to physical inabilities, you are still able to be happy. Not everyone shows their joy the way they wishes, but they can make a choice of being happy.

You see, when I go though rough times, I have recently allowed myself to depend on my friends to help me be cheered up. No matter the pain, or the struggles, I have found that people are in my life for more than just to help. They are there to also help me. I choose to allow them in my life and make me smile.


Make sure you follow your instinct about people. Some are placed in your life for a moment, they will be there for you or for you to help them through a rough patch, and some stay for a long time. This you “should” know by now. Nevertheless, they are not less or more important while you are with them. Treasure the people in your life. For some are more than Just friends, they become like your siblings.

So next time you go though sadness or joy be aware that you have the choice to be with friends. They are there for a reason.

Remember to live life, love and be!

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