Anger, Questions…and how to express it to enhance you. Food for thought.

Now a day, we (the people) are filled with Anger… and sometimes we don’t even know what the meaning of Anger is anymore.

You will read questions of how to better learn your self and this emotion.

In a place filled with Love and happiness, we sometimes hide what anger is because we are afraid of the loss of control and of the what ifs. We don’t feel it; we don’t show it, and most of the time we don’t know what it is. Does it have to be a good or evil thing? Does it depend on how you view it?

Do we hide from it because we are supposed to be “good?” Do you really know what makes you angry, or do you let anger pass you buy with out feeling it. If you do express it, are you expressing it under your control or allowing it to take over you?

1.a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath; ire.
2.Chiefly British Dialect. Pain or smart, as of a sore.
3.Obsolete. Grief; trouble.

When someone does you wrong, what are your automatic responses, is anger one of them? Do you know these responses? Do the small things make you “blow” up? Or do you not place any mind to it and continue with it. Do you keep it in and like a slow gas leak let it blow up in the end? Do you know?

What path do you use to react to your anger? Who says anger is a “bad” emotion?

What are some forms you are able to express your anger though to make it work for you?

Have you heard of the word creativity? Did you know that people you know that are able to transform their anger into a piece of art? “We humans are the only creatures who can and more or less create ourselves.”-S. Diamond. Are we then to use our anger as a transformation?

How well do you really know how to control your emotions? What makes you feel?
And what part of your life allows you to keep control. For some, it may be basic knowledge, for other, its self-awareness, or a belief that something else is helping you. Nevertheless, do you know what that is?

These are some question that I hope help you guide you to your own understanding of how to better yourself when anger is around or in your life in some form. Because there is a given, it will be felt at some point in your life. How you react to it is what counts on this one.

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