LATISM and Johnson & Johnson

Have you ever wondered what  Johnson & Johnson does? 

This year I was a the LATISM (Latinos in social media) Conference and J&J where there!!
I was so happy to see them on being part of this Conference.  Something I did not know is that J&J is also Neutragena. I was soooo amazed as I have written before, I love!!! Love !! Love!! Neutragena as I’ve been using it since I was 13 years old.

I also learned that they have awesome initiatives going on ALL OVER the world! 

This is some of what they do:

Saving & Improving Lives
Saving & Improving LivesWe support programs for women and children who struggle to survive in places with limited health care, education or social support.
Healthcare Development and Training
Building Health Care CapacityWe partner with respected groups to build the skills of people who serve community health needs, primarily through education.
Preventing Diseases
Preventing DiseasesWe work with communities to prevent chronic disease like HIV/AIDS and diabetes, and help people cope with the stigmas of disease and mental illness.

I’m always amazed on how wonderful and giving J&J is to the community. I acknowledged their efforts and defiantly would like to work with them.

Thank you for being part of our communites and for being part of LATISM.

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