Latino 2(too) Luncheon,
By the time you read this, another child is born. Into this world where you are able to give, love, grown and learn from our past and our continued future.  Where you will be able to teach and educate this child about the history of how you and other’s became. The struggles you and they had and triumphed through. By the time he or she is grown they too will learn that they are part of their culture. The may be brown, caramel, tan, and black, white or beige and they will have a linage connected to what we now call Latino, Hispanic, Spanish speaking.
I was privileged to attend the Latino2 luncheon. A one time planned conference, derived by LATISM, and became a Luncheon due to its attendance. I was very blessed to have participated in such a powerful meeting. Where eight people told their life story, paths, hopes and future dreams. Leaders like Dorinda Moreno, Jessie and Belen Luna, Giovanni Rodriguez, Jose Huirton, Christina Gonzales, and Hilda Zacarias and yours truly, came together for a weekend to brainstorm how Latino2 can become a force of power.
We brainstormed on who, what, where, when, why, and how we could contribute to this life, this cause of making leaders to help influence you and others to come to help others know of the past, and how we can help in the future. Its was a meeting where every idea was allocated into one group to help the growth of what will be a powerful organization that will allow ideas to be cheered and worked with to help the empowerment of people.
I cannot wait to write about the upcoming meetings and then Big Conference I do wish you allow your self come to in the future Spring of 2011.
Until the next meeting.
 Smile (if you want)
Jes Sofia Valle


  • Jess,

    It was a privilege meeting you. Thanks for driving up. We can truly say that we came, we communicated, we conquered! Now it is time for us to calibrate and conjoin our efforts to bring together fellow leaders from throughout California and the nation to drive dynamic thinking and results-driven initiatives. The opportunities are numerous and the challenges many. We have such great potential. Thanks for joining us.

  • Jesse, Thanks for driving up and being a part of that meeting. I enjoyed meeting you and getting to know other community leaders. As Jose said above, there are many opportunities ahead. I look forward to working together and seeing how this great meeting can blossom into something larger.

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