Cold much? Layers…

So this past week It was raining here… now its warms Cali lovely weather… but I am not lying it was raining. For you who are in awesome fall almost winter weather… I’m both happy and Sad that you are there… I wish I was in the cold. You see.. I love wearing clothes, so when I have a chance in the cold and rainy weather I wear Clothes. This was my outfit I wore to one of the Best meeting’s I’ve been to in a long time. With all the meeting I go to… yeah I am able to discern them.

You see.. I wore the jacket for the outside. The sweater for the warmth and the 3/4 sleeve just in case I got to hot…you know, sometimes people over do it with the heat? ….

What do you like about layers?

FYI: I took the pics before I pressed the awesome clothes from Lane Bryant (Shirt and pant), Gap (sweater), Style and Co. and Forever 21 (scarf)

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