Intensity?…. think about it.

At some point(s) in your life you will or might have an eruptive/explosive moment or even a phase. Don’t say never on this one… we are not perfect.

Well… let me inform you that this moment of intensity in life… yes, it is a test. To see if everything you have been through in life has actually stuck in your mind. To make you ask yourself, Are the lessons learned sicking for future use? Will you be able to use what you learn from those lessons? your explosiveness, you will remember (to late of course) how you were suppose to react. Of course this might be after you have altered your blood pressure, mest up your vocals or even probably socked a hole in the wall and now have to add a patch to the whole thing. (eeek lol). First things first,  remember that no one is perfect and well, life is what it is. This does not making punching a hole in the wall correct, but it can stop you from punching it again. (maybe this is a little too much…but you never know who is reading this right?) may be torn up for a while, and feel guilty or all sorts of things. You might even think that all You may think….All you had to do was either breath and re-organize everything, take a few minutes to chill, or say what you were really going through in that moment to someone, or the wall….. you were going through something called pain.

This pain was so much it became intense.

So what do you do to avoid that?


  • When you have too much going on… take some stuff off your plate 
  • When you do not get enough sleep… seek your doctors, therapist, to help you. 
  • Drinking coffee?  Kept it to once a day before 6pm. 
  • Have a crazy household?…..find some time for you. There is always a way… be smart about it. 
  • In a chaotic relationship…. think about it… DO you really need to be in chaos? 
  • Are you a victim of some abuse?…. get help 
  • Are you trying to do too much?….. find a way to decrease you load. 
  • Being an intense person doesn’t help you or anyone…. Breath, think and do less.  
  • Use exercise as an outlet, sing, pray, wooosah it out. 

Being intense adds stress to your body that you don’t need.  Continuing to be an intense person only brings on a cycle of hurting yourself…

Think about it…

Smile (If you want to)

Jes Sofia Valle

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