Cafe con Leche Cuban Style

So as you know by now, I LOOOVE coffee. My drink of choice in the mornings is Cafe con Leche (milk and coffee).  Recently my friend invited me to have coffee at a place that was not open yet! I was so excited to go! And Coffee?!!! How can I say no!
I can’t say no to coffee… so I said Yes to going…

I had the pleasure to have Cafe con Leche. Cafe con Leche is an awesome new Cuban cafe ON 15053 Ventura Blvd, in Sherman Oaks, CA that OPENED TODAY  2/18/2010.  I was honored to meet Gabriele and His team.

He made us our morning cup of coffee. The original way you make coffee… like the stirring-and-smashing and omgoodness-yummmy-smelling kind of coffee. If you are a coffee drinker, then you defiantly know what I am talking about.

Along with the awesome coffee I had a warm, just made, flaky bread guava and cream pastry. Nothing like the “other” Cuban place, I will have to say it was better. Who else has a malta condensada?

I say go! Be in a cafe where you feel the atmosphere. Smell the food and taste great coffee.

Oh did I mention you can order online too?
Find them on Twitter: @CubanCafeMobile

And they have Cold Coffee, Bustelo Cool drinks too!
Empanadas: Baked or fried.  Delicious!  
Ropa Vieja! Need I say more? 
Ok I will! 
Aroz con leche (rice and milk dessert)
y Pastel de tres leches (Tres leches cake).  


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