In the Spirit of being a Starving Foodie

In the Spirit of being a Starving foodie, I went along with my recurrent diet. !@#$%^%$#@#$%^& 🙂

As you read before. I’m on a medical Diet. I get the joy to eat (drink) 2-3 protine shakes and one meal with consist of 6oz meat(protine) veggies and no bread. Me being a Latina… and no sweet bread…………. well lets just say, I’m doing it because I’d like to live.

 So I went to Joom Bangkok Cafe off Fairfax and Beverly. I ordered Pad-see-u with out the Pad-See-U… which is Chicken and Brocoli. This being one of my favorite meals, I make it work for me. This is not a High Price, I will see super stars place… But It is a VERY beautiful place. Good for a Night out with a friend.

So tonight I will continue with my Protein Shake and Catch up with my Friday writing. I hope you have fun if you go there next time.

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