Have you ever come to a situation where you have felt that there is not more to give?

There will be times, and I hope not too many where your frustration tolerance is to its peek and there is no more that you feel you can do about something, someone or anything. This does NOT mean that this is the end all of it all…. NO? correct. No.

Have you heard of the Word HOPE? This word in itself is one of the most powerful words I use and trust on an everyday basis. HOPE. With out it we would be hopeless. And I come from a personal and trained thought that HOPE is the number one reason why  good things happen. Hope entails trust, understanding, faith… with out it we would be nothing less than the amoeba. (ok, that was extreme).

But think about it. With out hope, what is there? Hopelessness, inability, failure. I do not want this for you. I hope, you don’t want this for you either.

So the next time you are going though something think of this word: HOPE. It allows for faith, goodness, positive self attributes, positive self statements… I can go on and on! But I won’t because its’ 3:52 am and really had to write this to you.

I HOPE you have an awesome day!

Smile (if you want)
Jes Sofia Valle

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