Contra La pared? (Against the wall?)

Feeling like you cannot do something about something, its natural. Especially when going though chaos, or even “normal” life events.

How you get over it?…now that is what counts.

Some ways to think about getting out of your runt.

Think! What else would I tell you do do 🙂

  • What steps will I take to get from where I am to where I want to be?
  • How do I take the first step? 
  • What is my goal? 
  • Can I get some help over here? – Never be so prideful that you don’t ask for help. 

Ask yourself questions that add a positive effect. And! know that you can surely do it.

Life isn’t about waiting around, its about figuring it out. What ever you are going through, some one else has gotten over it before. There is a way. 🙂


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