Atol de Elote (Warm Corn Milk)

Atol de Elote

As you know, I love the cold. I love it so much once I got home I went straight to my kitchen and Made some Atol (AH-Toll) de Elote (Eh-low-teh). Its something I grew up drinking along with Arroz con Leche. I remember when I use to go to San Lucas, Guatemala, right at the entrance there is a farmer’s market and there the Indigenous ladies made this drink.  San Lucas is known for their Coffee farms. (Now you know why I love coffee so much!). And the entrance welcomes you with HUGE pine trees. Nevertheless, today I was cold… and I made some Atol de Elote. 

Here is MY recipe. I’ve revamped it, but it taste the same.

So here you go! 

Two Tee-spoons (O_o) of Vanilla 
One Can of Sweet Corn 
Nine Splenda packets (1/2 or 1 cup of sugar) 
4 cups of Milk 
(I use Skim because I just do, mom uses 2%, others use Whole Milk, All your choice. LOL).

(Yes I shop at Target….LOL) 
What to do!
1. You have to open the can, but DO NOT drain it. 
2. Add the can of corn into a Blender. 
3. Add the Vanilla
4. Add the Milk and Blend to liquefy (as the Yo Gaba Gaba peeps say YEEEEAAAAH!) 
5. Add a bit (like 3/4) of milk to warm up onto a Pot big and add (3-4 dashes of Cinnamon)  
6. Once that warms add the Liquefyness in the pot. 
7. Under lite fire, move it around. Let it simmer (light fire)
8. Once the milk foams up move it around some more and lower the fire EVEN more. 
9. Shut the fire, then
10.  POUR and DRINK (but don’t burn your lips) 😉
you can always add sweetness to your liking. 🙂
Jes’ Atol de Elote

Smile (If you want)

Jes Sofia

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