You are not alone.

I came across someone at Starbucks today who looked very sad. They said, I am alone. My response was, well dayum I guess I’m invisible today. I looked around and said, well i must be seeing ghost. In the midst of laughter I heard a cry in her voice. It broke my heart. We spoke about why she came to LA and how she was struggling. A story I hear all the time. Being an LA woman, I hear it all the time. And every time I hear it, it breaks my heart. You choose to come to LA for a dream… and you feel alone.

Nevertheless, I listened. Her tears began to flow, there was nothing she could do, she said. I felt bad. What can I do? My rapid thinking…make her smile, dig up her buried hope and make her believe once again why she was here again.

There are times where you may feel alone. These are reasons why you are not.

You are with you. And in you, the most important is your faith, what ever brought you to where you are at. What triggered you to come to LA? What makes you do these things? And lastly, You have other people around you. Your choice is to make the best of it and befriend them or make an acquaintance.

If YOU CHOOSE to be alone, then its your choice. But regardless… logically you are not alone. You may feel alone, but you are not physically alone. Heck! for all i know Mars have red Martians that become red dust when they see something orbit and they hide… that’s my imagination there… LMAO.

I wish you well in what you do. I hope you know that when you think you are alone, I hope you know there is always someone around you, and strangers ready to make you smile. Not everyone is a stuck up LA person. And when you think you are alone,  keep in mind that there is someone like me is thinking of people like you that feel alone.

The best of everything! A Repost From 2014


Hope you enjoy your week.


Jes Sofia Valle 🙂

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