Win JLo and Enrique Tickets!

I’ve come across a lot of Latin Music in my lifetime. Particularly recently as I parted ways from the U.S of A. for a month and went to the motherland, Guatemala. All I listened to was Latin Music. I felt like I was in need of it. It felt like was able to acclimate through my culture, through music.  And I found a Happy medium! Enrique and JLo!

When I came back home, I played Enrique Iglesias with his new songs that make you not only dance (well, makes me dance) in the morning, pumping me up in my daily walks. As a walk in a fast pace to his music “I’m loving you” to then listening to my own “heartbeat” as I walk and allow myself to fall in love with my work out environment. 

After my walk I continue to listen to JLo’s Goin in Ft. Flo Rider to do my work out… I mean who doesn’t want to look like her? So I listen to her while I do my sit-ups, stretching and weights, my heart start pumping again. And once again my mind has ideas running through… I figure This Woman, JLo, is a Mongol, why not get inspired by her too in the AMs. I found my happy Medium.

Also, did I mention I’m going to see them this weekend in Vegas? EXCITED! And I’m taking my Vegas Virgin Friend (a friend who has not been to Vegas) with me! What! FUN!

Want to enter to win tickets to go to the concert? 

I invite you to go to the State Farm Latino Facebook Page to enter the sweepstakes, which will run until August 20th. Fans attending the concert can also go to the State Farm booths to enter the sweepstakes.

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