What does Being Balanced Mean?

Being Balanced is not walking on a tight rope. It is falling down, like every one does at one point, and learning how to continue living life through your lessons learned.
  • Learning from your lessons. 
  • Working with the tool your lesson taught you. 
  • Doing what you will with your tools and lessons.
 Learning your lesson: 

This is the hard part SOMETIMES. You go through an event that gets you the outcomes you have now. Or you choose to enter to your own lesson being learned. Here is where you may feel overwhelmed, stressed, tired and that you don’t even know what your basic instincts are telling you anymore. But don’t fret! Your thinking  and awesome support can get your through it.
Your thinking is very important on this lifetime, the way your perceive your life is how it will be. 
Ex: If you see it as “always going through hell” then guess what?… yup! basic says: your thought will make you feel that. 

This doesn’t mean that you are not to take care of yourself when you are in pain or emotional distress… it means that while your working through it, you have the ability to think “i will get through this, and I will be OK.” 

Working With the Tools: 

Now that you went through your mini General Hospital Episode… 
You can decided what you are getting out of it. What lessons did you learn? What are you willing to plan from the lesson? 

And continue your positive thinking. 

Doing what you will from what you learned: 

Everything you go through has many reasons. These reasons only you know. Sometimes you might not know them right away…but trust me on this…If you look within, and search, you will find them. If everything was easy everyone would have everything.

So continue living and learning, and be a better polished you. Learn from your lessons and make something great out of them, Why? Why not? 😀 Because you can. 
This is being balanced.
Smile (if you want). 

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