Waking Up…

Have you ever noticed how most people that are “made-up” look like they have it together and are not in the disheveled mood?

What do I mean by made-up? I mean, have allowed the time in the morning to get themselves ready…look great, seem to feel great. I’m not specifically talking about lots of make-up or perfect hair… I’m talking about your basic looking and feeling good.

Every morning, before I get up I lay in bed for a little bit thinking:

“I’m alive? Breathing. Do I have back pain today? A bit. Is it gone yet? No, but leaving slowly. What will I wear? Humm lets get up and see.” I start my day in a positive note.

You see, I’m asking myself questions, MORE important, I am answering them at the same time. I’m not asking myself and placing them on a post it note (although I do have a post it note around somewhere just in case, I’m not perfect). I am asking myself Basic questions, to be able to answer them.

And look at my white button down Ralph Lauren Shirts, Nordstrom bought and DNKY, Lane Bryant bought pants and wonder how I will mix and Match my clothes to make a great outfit. If I were a man, I’d probably be looking at similar outfit Button down shirt and pant too… ha ha.

Make sure you have your Neutrogena face soap or which ever you use, in stock. And are able to use water in your day, its meant to refresh you. Wash your mouth with your little colgate tube and Oral Brush. Which ever you use is awesome because you are using them.

Point: I’m making time for me. I’m taking away the rough night, the bad yesterday and leaving them there. Yesterday is lived and gone. I’m choosing to start a new day. After all, it is a new day right?

I suggest you try it. I also suggest you don’t ask question of WHAT If’s unless you are able to Resolve them. Like WHAT IF I mix and match Blue and white and red? This is ok because you can get those clothes and place them on your bed to see what they may look like, even try them out. What if I don’t make the team? This question is not what I am talking about, not ok because you cannot predict the future.

Before you go bonkers in your closet… Give yourself a time limit. Oh yeah… here comes the word limits again. 🙂

I hope you are able to take time for you in the morning. You will be better than a grouch and your day will start how you choose.


1. Ask you basic questions and answer them. (Keep them light and positive)
2. Give yourself a morning goal to look good and feel good.
3. Give yourself a specific time on how long you have to be ready, don’t do a quickie on yourself here. It is you! You deserve it! BUT DON’T BE LATE EITHER.
4. Remind yourself that today you choose to be [insert mood here].
5. Start your rest of your awesome day.

Good day! (British/Latina accent) O_o lol.

Smile (If you want)

Jes Sofia Valle

What are some questions you like to ask yourself in the morning? Do you even ask or are you pressured to be ON the GO once the ALARM wakes you up?

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