Using Nature to Remain Calm…

Nature is beautiful. Maybe not around the corner where you see trash on the sidewalk. But if you take a moment to look up and ahead of where you are walking, you may find that there is an awesome view. I usually take a moment to see above the floor.

I love photographing nature. It allows me to be calm. When I feel overwhelmed I tend to go to the beach, The Getty Center and/or hiking to a high peak to help “remove myself” from whatever is causing the overwhelming feeling. Somewhere I can breath and relax. I usually sit and stare at the beauty of nature and tend to get my “head on straight.”

This helps with reducing muscle tension, anxiety, anger, anything you want. At the end of the day, it is your thinking that allows you to “keep control” of how you want to feel, think and be. But I also want to remind you that feeling “out of control” can sometimes be good… why? Because sometimes you need a reality check, and feeling “out of control” is like a pain signal in your body telling you that something is not right.

Regardless if you feel in or out of control, going to a place that gives you peace is always good.

Here are some picture I recently took of The Getty Center. Staring out into the scenery helped me more than I expected… I reminded me how awesome life is for me no matter how much pain my body gives me. And Yes, I am paying attention to those signals too. 


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