TLFoundation Orphanage Project

TLFoundation Orphanage Project By Jes Sofia Valle 
In Social Impact Located In Los Angeles, CA

 PEOPLE HELP PEOPLE in Guatemala. This September 2014 we hope to provide orphanages with Education and Mental Health, along with providing basic needs such as Milk, Diapers & other necessities. We are going to Guatemala!! Help us out! or Join us!! I’m Jes, with one S, like Yes in Spanish. I ‘m a child Therapist and Child Advocate. I’m looking to be able to help orphans and their homes. I will tell you how this all started.

 WHILE ON MY TRIP TO GUATEMALA, I had the urge to help someone other than myself. I felt that I should be doing more than just spa-hopping, so with just one day left on my rental car. I put my mind to what wanted to accomplish. Really, it was instinctual – I wanted to give to kids. Anyone that knows me already can vouch for how much I love helping kids, so I went to a few bigwig companies to ask for help. After a few weeks of waiting some companies said no, but others said yes. I sat down in one of two Starbucks locations in Guatemala, and talked to my friend on Skype. When I was done with my conversation, a man approached me and in English (mind you, was conversing in English on Skype, in a part of the world where all you hear is Spanish), and he said, “I was eavesdropping and overheard you wanted to help an orphanage.” I said, “Yes!” and he introduced himself as Mike and said he was a director of a team in Guatemala who works with local orphanages — talk about heaven sent! “We provide food for them,” Mike shared, and from I immediately was completely amazed and inspired by the get-go. He told me about his organization, Orphaned Resources International, and through the conversation, I was able to link him to various sources of mine. And I told him I was interested in helping an orphanage dedicated to babies and toddlers and he gave me three choices to choose from.

I ultimately chose Hogar de Ninos, Amor de Patricia. I ran to a store, which had already agreed to help in my quest, and a representative from Huggies also happened to be there, too. I asked them for diapers, and was able to fill my car with Huggies, milk, baby formula, toys and bottles. They gave me so much for the kiddos, in addition to what I purchased myself that I ended up with so much more than what I expected to end up with. After about an hour drive, When I went inside, my heart was filled with so much emotion; I wanted to adopt all of them! I wanted to take them home and work my butt off to give them a life outside those orphanage walls. But I knew that I could not give them all the lives they deserve all by myself, which is why I’m asking YOU and brands to help Guatemalan orphanages with a donation to help the orphanage hire teachers and a psychologist. we will provide basic needs such as Milk for the babies and kids, diapers, and clothes. This time I cannot buy all the things I would like to give them, and I would also like to help more than one orphanage.

So can you help me?

 Ways You Can Help: 

Donate to buy: Milk, Diapers, Clothes, and Toys
 Donate airfare to help us give.
 Donate to Hire Teacher and Psychologist ($600 Monthly)

PLEASE help SHARE this through Social Media! FACEBOOK/TWITTER/INSTAGRAM/ ANY SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS! Trust us, it helps!

 Thank you! Jes and Team

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