Social Change Through Social Media

Guess who is speaking about Balance and Social Media at

Social Change Through Social Media?

Yes ME!

On October 29, 2011 on the California Central Coast –the home of the historic farm-labor movement– Latinos in Social Media will host a full-day training summit for emerging leaders in the non-profit arena. Held on the beautiful Allan Hancock College campus in Santa Maria, #cause2012 is a unique opportunity for experts in the digital and community organizing worlds to network, share best practices, and organize for work in 2012 and beyond. Through a dynamic mix of formats including lecture, workshops and roundtables, the summit will cover topics such as:

Using social media as an instrument for organizational capacity building
Learning how to use social media to enhance existing networks
How to ignite mobilization, amplify support, and increase engagement
Tying online communications to organizational goals/objectives and funding development plans

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