RIGHT NOW! : How to get your kids to do their chores.


For ages 2-8

So how many of you out there tell your kids “Do this RIGHT NOW?”  Don’t fret, most all mothers have. You are not alone.
And then how many of you get a response? Or how many of you have to continue to tell your kid over and over and over to the point where you are frustrated and your about to give your child a spanking? …
I see this all the time. Overstressed parents that get frustrated because their kids don’t listen!
But what if you did things differently?  What if there are other ways to help you be less stressed and frustrated?

So here we go:  The secrete words DIRECTIVES and CONSEQUENCES.
What is a Directive?!
That’s you telling your kid what to do. But here is a different way to do this.  But before I teach you, you have to learn it, and then teach it to your child by explaining it to him/her what it is and how it goes. Then you will teach them consequences, I you will learn how to here.

A Directive:

It has three Parts:
1. The “To do”: (ex. Juan goes takes out the trash).
2. TIME: (ex. You have 15 minutes to take it out).
3. Acknowledgement that he will do it: (Thanks).

Juan go take out the trash, you have 15 minutes to do it, Thanks.
So what changed? You gave them time!  You see…right away only frustrated you, not them. But they end up mad at you because “you’re treating them like a (slave/dog/worker/waiter…” so I’ve heard…
Imagine If “I told you, go clean your house RIGHT NOW!” You will be like…

1. Who are you to tell me anything, 2. Mum no. 3. Really.  Can you be more diva about it? Well, well, imagine that! You did not like it. Well imagine if you did not like it, now much less your kid will not like it either!

So this is what you are teaching your child with giving them time. Respect. As a mother and human you are teaching them respect. I mean, maybe they are about to win a video game that they have worked soooooo hard to win. Or they might be in the middle of a math problem, they may even be reading! But most likely they are on their iPad or iPhone kicking with their friends. Regardless you have implemented accountability, responsibility, trust and acknowledgement…all of which work with respect.


(You have to keep a timer for yourself) AFTER, if they have gone their time, you give them one more minute, but you tell them they have one more minute.

Q. AND IF THEY DON’T listens?

A.You place a consequence.

A consequence is simple. Something your child likes (cannot be daily food intake or anything that are needs). More like (iPad, iPhone, video games, going outside to play, playing with the neighbors, playing board games, etc.

Do not use food as a consequences or reward. You don’t want them to have food issues later in life.
And the consequences should be taken away depending on age.
Like time out for ages 2-7. Depending on their age.

If your child likes to watch cartoons then take it away for their favorite show. If they throw a tantrum, ignore their behaviors. (But make sure they are ok). For older kids it goes the same. Ignore the Negative behaviors and pay attention to the positive ones.
Let me know how that goes.

NOW that you have read this, make sure you explain to them what your will be doing.  Juan, I’m going to start doing something new… I’m going to begin to give you time and this is how it goes.
Explain the three parts of the directives, the extra one minute and then explain the consequence. You know your child better than others (we hope) so talk to them in lay terms.

And Like I say: Consistency is your best friend when it comes to children.

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