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There is always a person in your life, that no matter what you are going through, makes you laugh. These people are usually called friends. I tend to acquaint myself with strong mined women, those that when the going gets rough… they make you laugh and tell you the truth about it all. I’m not much of a groupie chich either… so finding friends at this latter part of my life is difficult. No lies, that’s just what it is. My friends are usually the ones who i grew up with, have known me since i was in Junior high even… some high school, college etc… some lived experience. I recommend you value, and add worth to your friends, your true ones. Learn how to choose your friends.
This one right here… I met her at an Eva Langoria event… and we’ve been friends since. I have to say.. she is your awesome working, blogging, great mother. She has this awesome relationship with her son, one I wish I will have some day with my kids… if I end up having one. 😀 She and her husband crack me up, they are so awesome. People like Rachel are not easy to find… but can be found. This is Rachel, mother, wife, curator, blogger, business owner, awesome friend.
Where are you from? Born and Raised, and currently.

I’m from the Bronx NY … specifically the North East area. When I got older, my family moved to Riverdale. It’s a very centrally located community yet you feel like you‘re out of the city. I loved it there. I live in Los Angeles now. It took me a long time to adjust but I’m having a great time here. 

What do you like most about being an Art Historian, an actress, a Blogging, anything else that you do?

I actually remember the day I fell in love with art history. I was reading about Picasso for a school paper. This particular essay introduced me not only to Cubism but to Spain. It was that moment I realized that I could travel to many places through these works. I loved to live vicariously through the artists and their work. It was fun to learn about the dandies of France and it was gut wrenching to witness the injustice in Mexico. I was intrigued by all of it.   It was that curiosity which led me to acting. It was just one step further for me.  Blogging is another creative outlet. It’s an interesting way to blend all the things that I do. I enjoy sharing and collaborating. 

What drives you in your occupations?

I certainly did not work in arts education for monetary gain. The drive comes from a very innate place that is hard for me to describe. It’s those moments when you teach a class or paint a portrait that moves a person that keeps me plugging away. 
How do you keep your Balance in life?  

As a person in the creative field and as a mother , keeping balance is always a work in progress. You have to be in the moment. You have to be there, present, at all times. At the same time, you need to plan ahead, schedule, be organized and very self-disciplined. To help with the daily ins and outs, I carry a huge black planner that includes everything from reminders to iron shirts all the way to my son’s exams.  My friends love making fun of the size of this planner but it’s a life saver. In there, I also make sure to squeeze in ‘me’ times as well, whether it’s a yoga class or a visit to the salon.  

What do you believe/know makes you a strong woman?  

My mother taught me to speak my mind. She was very shy and did not want me to be that way.  She wanted me to take a stand and never allow myself to be abused, bullied or mistreated in any way. She made sure I received a good education, gave me chores, taught me to be responsible, respected my views, talked things out with me and just gave me the most wonderful love a mother could give their child. My grandmother taught me about faith and the power of prayer. My aunts taught me how to keep a beautiful home, cook, clean and take pride in the way you live life, no matter how much or how little you have. My uncles taught me that through hard work and determination you can work your way up from the ‘warehouse’ to the ‘executive chair’. So I feel strong knowing that I have so much to pull from when obstacles come my way. My strength also comes from knowing my limits. I know when I need help. I’m not afraid to admit when I feel vulnerable, hurt or afraid. I know that it’s OK to feel that and say it if you need to. Release it, accept the pain and slowly let it go. Believe me, this has all been a journey. I’m no exception, I’ve seen my share of hard times … but I’m grateful for each experience. They are my teachers who continue to strengthen me with every test. 

 How do you handle your relationships?  

This is a tough question. I’m not sure how I “handle” them.    My son and I are super close. We talk about so many different things. He’s my baby and always will be. In many ways, I’m a typical latina mom. I spoil him with tons of love and am very protective of him. My mom and I are best friends. We talk about deep life issues and we talk about shoes. My relationship with my friends is always filled with tons of laughter. We laugh at each other and ourselves – all the time. Nothing is taken too seriously. 

Who are/where your inspirations? If none, what influenced you? Or both.

As you can tell by now, my mom inspired me greatly as did my grandmother (RIP) and my great aunt. They were strong and determined in very different ways. My mother worked hard to get an education and raise me, my grandmother was a devout Christian and my aunt Gloria seemed to managed her home effortlessly.

Now, as I got older the majority of my influences came from pop culture, especially through music. I listened to a lot of Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder’s lyrics absolutely influenced me. Yep, Eddie. Something about his lyrics validated many of my thoughts. Growing up in a matriarchal family, his music came a very good time for me. 

When was the last time you were told you where a strong figure in this world and why?

My husband tells me that I am – all the time. He tells me literally and he tells me indirectly when he asks for my opinion. He values what I say.  He admires me as a mother. He understands what I do and how much of myself I give to others. He knows that comes from strength. 

 What about you do we not know? A quirk? A special something. Your Human aspect I like to call it.

Pssssh, I’m not saying. EVER.

OK, I will give you one – I can’t swim.

What are some suggestion you can give women about anything you wish give? (You can list if need to )

If your balancing work and parenting ( how’s that for redundancy, but you know what I mean) take time for yourself. Find a balance. It’s OK to have moments to yourself. Don’t spread yourself so thin that you won’t be good for anyone. 
Check out her blog: http://www.theartmuse.net/

Another awesome person in my life. 
Smile (if you want), 

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