Overwhelmed, Overloaded, Game OVER?!

“I can’t even begin to find my balance!”

Is this how you feel sometimes? Or like you can’t get much done in your day because there are not enough hours in the day for you to finish?

There is a reason why there are not enough hours in the day. Why?
Because you are not suppose to do everything in one day.

Do the terms: projects, drafts mean anything to you?

If you are in the working world, then this is a yes. If you are a housewife, these terms mean a lot to you and your family. If you are a lazy person… well, you really know the definition of these because you choose not to do them. See! Everyone knows these words!

SO what now?! I hear you screaming at the computer… (eeek…hold your Trojans!)

This week, I’ve read, heard and empathized with I DON’T HAVE TIME! What about if you where to turn this around to say I DON’T MAKE TIME! Have—Make… get it? Because in the end, that’s what it really is all about in this scenario… your choice to make time.

I’m pretty sure your boss (or you) gives YOU a certain amount of days of the week to do a project. If you are not doing this or allowing this… Think about it. (Some say yeah right!)

If you are a last minute junkie, like I can be… working on it too…you are not alone![Michael we love you!] Then, make sure you have someone to help you. It’s nice to hear that you have done everything on your own, but in the end who’s complaining? Umm humm… yeah. And trust me, if you make time for friends, they will make time to help you. Give and Take…balance.

A tool to help you:

Make a To Do List and Stick to it.

Number ONE rule on your To Do List: Make time for YOU!

This means, inking breakfast lunch and dinner to this list.
Add your work out.

If you want to watch a Show and vegg.

If you have kids, they are a part of you. Don’t neglect your kids please; I will throw down (not really, but I can bring out Super Shero nagger and tell you to STOP IT!) [Insert LOL and Serious look here].

If you need time away from your kids make this a weekly event. Mani Pedi! Monday night Football! Well If I had a kid I’d be watching football with them right now! But that’s just me.

Acknowledge that if you don’t finish your list (Categories: Job and Friends)make room for it later, just not too later that you forget about it or your friends’ name. (eerrr?)

BUT JesSofia? What about my boss getting Mad at me for not finishing a project? YOU don’t know my boss, he wants it right now!”

Communication. They will ALWAYS want their job to be done first before your kids and family. It’s a business after all. However…REALITY check! How can you work if you’re not well, and overwhelmed? Talk to them. DO it WISELY. Don’t get yourself in trouble.

Any questions???? Please ask. And you shall get an answer back to ya!

Side note: Big Ups to my friend Berenice for helping me keep balance. The best Second right hand a busy on the Go woman can have! (Ok B you can breath now, I woke up, did my walk, made breakfast and finished editing my blog.) LOL!

Smile (If you want) 😀

-Jes Sofia Valle

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