My Story with L’Occitane

Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap - Lavender
My story with L’Occitane
Onc day, My mom came home from work…with a HUGE bar of soap. I was use not knowing what i was washing myself with… but at age 13, I found out what it meant to be happy with washing myself. She had given me a Bar of Lavandar L’Occitane. The smell…. its like sitting in a field of lavander plants… where the day is crispy, the sun warm and you hear the birds flying by… peaceful. It has been the only thing at the end of my day that helps me reduce my tension after a SUPER duper interesting day of hearing my awesome patient’s lives.
I get home, shower and get ready for bed. It such a relaxing sent I buy the whole set. I’ve used it since I was 13… I don’t think I will stop.
Funny thing was that two weeks ago my dad asked me where he could get the same type of soap. It was nice. I had, of course, an extra bar. So i gave it to him… now I buy double when I go to the store. Since I was 13… can’t beat that for loyalty.
I say you try it. Let me know how much you like it! 🙂
Smile (if you want)


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