Mammography: #Mammogram

 I am having a Mammogram done next week. I’m having a rule out check up, (when health care peeps suspect something and do a procedure to find out if its positive (you have) or negative (you don’t have)) a foreign something in my Body.

I’ve been asking about how mammograms go and I’ve been hearing all sorts of stories about how the mammograms are conducted. Some stories didn’t sound right… Most stories are weird stories…your chest being pushed and smugged? LOL wow… So I guess I shall find out for myself.

Once I get my Mammogram I will tell you my story about Mammograms. Moreover, why don’t you take a look at What is a Mammogram? I think as Women and Men, it is important to get checked, even is there is a small minimal doubt that something may be wrong. Getting checked and knowing is better than it being too late.

Personally, I have a family history of Breast issues with my tissue and my docs found something in me. So now I have to get checked out. Oh the joy of DNA.

This is nothing to be afraid of… it is just a check up. I will tell you my story once I know.

Smile (If you want)

Jes Sofia

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