Latinas with a Mission: com·rade·ry in Los Angeles Latina Bloggers


a spirit of friendly good-fellowship

Strive to have awesome friendships, relationships through awesome people that help and motivate you on the ongoing paths life gives you. #JSV

Sometimes you may think that you will not ever get this kinds of support. Well, I’m here to tell you that It’s all about what you allow in your life. How your move fwd with people and allow their good nature to affect your life. So next time you are presented with an opportunity to know someone, enjoy what they have to give, their good nature, and learn to distinguish who is wanting the best for you.

Every heard the word “comadre?”  For Latinas, This means positive fellowship. So I will let you into my new little big world… of Blogger Comrades. As you know by now,  I write because I can and I love it.  As an added plus I have met some great women. You will probably see me tweet crazy random things to these awesome women. I call them my online comrades. We meet in real life at events where we go to and then later blog about. 

I started blogging and then tweeting with a vision to promote my new growing foundation. Turning Leaves foundation. Of which I mention every time I talk.  With this passion of helping, I found that I have met super awesome and stylish women, women with dreams, voice and power.  Men too.

I made new friendships and my ideas have not stopped overflowing. As you may know, I’m the girl that loves to help people grow, to give them hope and ideas. So when I had the opportunity to help out and plan the Los Angeles Latina Bloggers, I was excited. Help should be my middle name, but its Sofia and I love it too.

Here is a recap of The Los Angles Latina blogger Brunch: 

photoWe (Monique and Yours truly)  sat at Starbucks not to long ago and wondered how this may come about.  Wrote up beginning documents and Monique worked hard…. super hard to obtain sponsorship. I became the support system because Something I’ve learned is when someone is on the Go, you don’t stop them, get in their way, you support them. I do have to say Going to the flower mart with Monique at 5:30am was rather interesting. More so making the flowers… I loved them. The kitchen cleaning up after I did not. haha.

photoDiscovering Mas the Brunch: I was excited. I was able to meet a lot of women who where from various paths of life. Mothers, sisters, friends, models, professional working women.  We were educated about creating our media kits by Jennifer Vides: “How to market and Brand yourself as a blogger” and Wally Sabrina: “Optimizing Your Social Media Presence w/ creative and compelling Content.”  The material provided was helpful,

photoWe had time to meet new Comrades, chat it up, as we women do and Get to know awesomeness in all. I wish I had more time to sit with every single one of them and get to know them. For now, I am still reading blogs and laughing, crying and getting to know them through what I call, My blog time.  

Here are some pictures from the event: I hope you enjoy re-living camaraderie of Latina bloggers. 






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