Jes’ Notes for the Conference call with Latino Leaders: #My2K

Jes’ Notes for the Conference call with Latino Leaders:

w/ President Barack Obama, Director of Domestic Policy Cecilia Muñoz, and Director of Public Engagement Jon Carson
Priorities of The President: Education, Jobs in the economy, Health Care, Immigration reform – Hispanic American (advance the interest of the community drives the nation)
LATINOS drive the labor 60% of the country population (2005-2050)
Latino Wealth 66% decline through 2005-2009 – We were hit hard. That’s what was happening when the president took office, this decline was already happening.  
The success of the Hispanic community – the success of the country- if we thrive, the nation thrives.
This country will be the economic leader for the next decade.  But we have to put in effort to make sure that this is our countries job.
Friday’s Employments reports: for the past 33 straight months added private sector jobs.
The last thing we can do is allow letting TAX increase for the Latino families as it Affects 99% of Latino families.
Unemployment –has come down 10% which has come down from 13% of its high of the recession; it still high from the national average.
The Tax increase would Affect 98% Americans, 97% percent of small business, 99% of Hispanic Americas from seeing their taxes go up at the end of the year.
We can reduce that in a way that is consistent with our values. There is no reason that we cannot do this tomorrow.
Fiscal Cliff ? President is committed to compromise- there are forms showing how this could be done: HERE.
Have Big Business Leaders and CEOs that are saying that the tax rates on top need to increase (Marriott, AT&T and Goldman Saks) in order to reduce the deficit.
It’s an important time to acknowledge that our voices matter. As a community we have the power to do so.  
We cannot do a top-down approach like we had in the brush admin. We saw and used it and it didn’t work.
Important: Senate has already passed a bill last July- the senate was able to pass the bill and the People told them to be asked to act and they did act.
Student loans were said to double, but the people spoke and when the president had a voice and spoke up in to order to keep interest rates student loans to not double to listen, they listened. We can do the same.   
Hispanic Families of a home income of 43K a year would see their income taxes raise $2,200 for the average family.
Now, 3.6 mil working Hispanic Americas, with roughly 6.3 mil Hispanic American children would be hit by the Child Tax credit and the earned income tax credit would be hit, going back to what they were before the president the president improved them earlier in his term.
                Spoke about: Head start, Pell Grant Program, and Affordable Care Act
Small business owners are particularly concerned because the families would not have that funding to spend; this would be Devastating to the retail center that is mostly run by Hispanics.
President Obama Spoke:
“Latinos will continue to drive the force of the Labor Force” – President Barack Obama
“200 Billion less consumer spending and that is bad for business, big or small” –President Barack Obama
“Business and families need a sense of security by having this resolved.” – President Barack Obama
Tell the People,  Let them know. Ask them to tell the White House:
What is at stake for me:
I would not be able to help my New Business to help create jobs.
I would have to cut down on how I help Kids and families in the community. Would not be able to afford all my tools to help with thier sessions.
I’d have to be on a tight budget when it comes to the little things.
Comfort? ummm yeah what is that? LOL
SO, What is at stake for you?
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