Jes’ Favorite Dessert

So….Other than my Black Forest Cherry Chocolate Cake (my Birthday is Dec. 13th FYI lol)… I love my Banana Sweets.

That is what I call them. Banana Sweets. You heard it here first! And yes! I am sharing it with you. I love to invent things when I cook so one day I decided to make an old tradition of strawberries, bananas and cream into my Banana Sweets. Give them some more flavor and a pop to the look. (Laughing!).


One Banana (or as many as you want to do, don’t let me stop you! lol).

One Piece of  Lindt Supreme Dark Cocoa.

One Cinnamon branch

Two big scoops of  Daisy Sour Cream.

One Splenda package (or as sweet as you want to make it!)

How to Make it:

1. Mix the sour cream and Splenda.
2. Cut the banana
3. Place the sour cream on top of the Banana
4. Use a grader to grade some Lindt Supreme Dark Cocoa on top of the Now Sweet Sour cream that sits on top of the Banana.
5. Grade some Cinnamon and do the same as the Lindt Supreme Dark Cocoa.
6. Serve to eat.
7. Don’t let them sit out too much because then the naners get brown and that is not cool at all…  If they begin to get brown you can place them in the freeze, melt some dark Chocolate and dip them in frozen and repeat 1-6.

 Looks perfect for the Fall season right? 🙂 
ooooo you can add sprinkles too! 

Smile (If you want to)

Jes Sofia


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