January Health Observances Dates For 2011


There is a lot to say about Observing Health. Many people live every day with illness everyday and live strong. If you are inspired as I am to help others. Please help and be inspired by their willingness to live strong.  I am inspired by you who live through and with an ongoing illness. <3  

 January Observances  Dates  For  2011
Activity Professionals Week, National                        23-28            
Blood Donor Month, National                                     1-31            
Birth Defects Prevention Month                                  1-31            
Cervical Cancer Screening Month                               1-31            
Folic Acid Awareness Week, National                        10-16            
Glaucoma Awareness Month, National                       1-31            
Healthy Weight Week                                                  16-22            
Medical Group Management Week, National             24-28            
Nurse Anesthetist Week, National                               23-29            
Thyroid Awareness Month                                           1-31            
Women’s Healthy Weight Day                                     20

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