Is he/she good for your balance?

Have you ever been with someone who is not right for you… and you know it. BUT you say BUT about it because you are comfortable and Scared to be alone?

I want you to think of the following:

  1. Are you following your instinct or your comfort? 
  2. Is this person a negative in your life? 
  3. Does he/she make you feel alive or frustrated? 
  4. Are you more sad/mad than happy? 
  5. Are you in an emotional roller coaster? 
  6. Are you Happy? 

There are various types of relationship. From friendship to various marriages. All of them are not right for you until you make it right for you.  Jes say what???

Yes. Not everyone will work out for you and not everyone will be bad either. Everyone has different needs and wants. The one thing that does make them better is how you receive, interact towards the other persons needs and wants. You will NEVER find the PERFECT person. EVER. WHY? because we are not made to be perfect. So I strongly suggest you get that out of your system.

However, you will find someone who will make the time to please you and allow you to be happier. I say happier because no one but you can make you happy. Follow your instinct.  Trust your gut feeling about someone and don’t get stuck on wanting someone or “needing someone”. Not everyone is meant to be with everyone. And also, know that Not everything is easy. If it was… everyone would be married with babies. Everything takes work. Even being Lazy takes work too.

I wish you the best in whatever or where ever you are in this process.

Smile (if you want)

Jes Sofia Valle

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