Ever wonder why you have instinct?

I’ve come across many situations in my life, and in my professional life, to accept the fact that trusting my instincts will help me get through whatever I am going through or help those who need help.


an inborn pattern of activity or tendency to action common to a given biological species.

a natural or innate impulse, inclination, or tendency.

natural intuitive power.

It makes me think of how we are truly connected to one another by being biological “beans” LOL Beings. And when something is wrong, you know it or feel it. Or if you know you are right about something, your instinct tells you.

It is what makes fight or flight a given… how animals and human run at a sign of something that my harm them. How you know when someone is not being true to you. Instinct. Use it, and make sure you trust it well. Your suspicions will help you through a lot… unless you don’t trust your body or self… then, well good luck.

I hope you learn to trust yourself, your instinct.

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