“Border enforced can control Illegal Immigrants but not their Dreams and Destiny.” 

The are two sides to everything in life. In the web series ILLEGAL you will find yourself wanting to press the next button to view the development of two stories. These two stories show you of what being ILLEGAL is and what not being ILLEGAL is in California. 

Staring Cast: Omar Mora, Aida Rodriguez, Johnny Soto and Bruce Baker. 
Directed By: Johnny Soto
Written By: Omar Mora and Fernando Gaviria



Audience Choice Selection Award New Media Film Festival
The Main Actors:,0,214,314_.jpg“Omar Mora (Sebastian) was born and raised on the island of Puerto Rico. His passion to help others led him to study medicine. Throughout his life, Omar always dreamed of becoming an actor.  The decision to pursue this dream of became a reality on September 11, 2001. He started at The School for Film and Television in Manhattan, NY., where he studied for 2 years. After, he Studied in Manhattan, NY for two years, he decided to move to Los Angeles, CA to continue his purse his dream. Since he moved to Los Angeles, he has been actively filming independent feature films.” Aida Rodriguez (Bea) born Puerto rican, was part of our Successful Women Series this past December. She “is a chronicle writer, Actress and Comedian. Writing for “No Kisses for Free,” which she co-wrote with Gary Hardwick (Deliver us From Eva, The Brothers) which is set to fun for three weeks in Los Angeles, CA in Spring 2011. She also create/wrote/starred in “The Greatest Song” alongside Lamman Rucker (Why Did I Get Married, Meet The Browns) distributed by Image Entertainment. Currently she is working with Omar Mora on ILLEGAL. 

“When Previously asked how she became associate with this project, she mentions that they were tired of viewing how America, Americans use the labor workers to to their labor cleaning, gardening etc, yet “Illegal Immigrants” do no receive the same respect as American do. We ask Illegal people to get things don, but when we, the country, are asked to reciprocate to help whom we use, American does not help. [Paraphrased] –Aida
JesSofia Says… Both Hands up! Forget thumbs… use all your fingers and palms!
  ILLEGAL takes me back to a movie “A day in a life of a Mexican.”  What would the country do with out “the burden” of illegal immigrants?  And By we, I mean Latinos/Hispanics as we are usually seen as the prime suspects. However, what would you do with out us? After all did not the American come from else where for a better life feeling persecution of religion and terror? A contradiction, don’t you Think? At least this is what I was taught in my history classes… so why not allow the same from other countries?   I am sure the great mediators would be able to find a way to keep balance.  
Moreover, this judgment not only happens to just Latinos, there are more “Illegal” people who suffer in pursuit their dreams in this country. There are Chinese, Europeans, but for some reason we seem to be the main target.  “IMMAGRATION DOES NOT ONLY INCLUDE LATINOS.”                                     
There is a lot to say about this … tell me what you think about the “Illegal”  Web Series (I say I love it)…View WebTVSeries Minglemedia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
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