How to Keep your Children Safe from Predators Online: Sweetie is NOT enough.

If you have not seen…, Sweetie is a new program tailored to capture child sex offenders online. This image as helped track thousands of online sexual predators…  There are many predators out there. But SWEETIE is NOT enough…
Here are some tips to help keep your home safe from such intrusion.
1. Educate yourself about Technology. 
It is very important you do care about technology now-a-day, especially if you have a child. The time of “oh I’m not into technology” is no longer.
It is important to be up to date with technology. Plus, you will feel better about what is going on in your child’s life.
Read about Parent Controls
Note: Know the social media outlets. (They are a lot of applications, but be aware of what your child is using). I recently came back from talking to kids and they said, “If I don’t put my real name out there, then no one knows.” Yes, it’s that serious. Be aware. If you are a teen reading this, be aware.
2. Conversation.
 Now that you know more, have a conversation with your child/teen. It’s hard to talk to them sometimes, but they do listen to you. Keep that line of communication.  And include…
3. Home rules.
It is important to have home rules in general to help keep order in your home. Now more so, its important you add a home rule when it comes to the Internet.
Remember that Internet is a reward, like watching TV.  Mine the hours. A child should not be in front of a TV or computer more than a few hours a day. If they have a project, then spend time helping them with a project. If they are teens, get them into sports. Curricular activities, after school programs to help them keep active. 
You will know if they have a project if you send a quick email to their teachers. Stay accountable of your child’s’ homework, this will also show you care about what they are doing. This will also teach your child how to be accountable.
4. Talk to you children’s friends’ parents.
Keep track on what they are doing? This is why parent teacher day, and back to school nights are important. This is your time to talk to the parents, exchange numbers and really find out what is going on.
5. Be mindful and strict.
Kids need and want rules. Your kids will test you to see how much they can get away with. If you give in, guess what? They get their way. And they will know what to do the next time. When they keep bugging you for the Internet, and your answer is no, mean no. You are teaching them that NO means NO. This will help them understand the meaning of no later on in their life.
6. Keep the conversation flowing at dinner table with your family. 
If you are too busy, well step up and be a parent. You have a child, now take care of them.
7. Note I placed  the word Conversation about three times in this Post. 
Hope this gives you some initiative to be honest with yourself and your child about what are some things happening online.
If you need help teaching your kid here are some links through NSA
 If you are going through more and need help with a therapist:

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