How is that stress working out for you?

Have you had an overwhelming moment that is taking more than a “moment?” I think everyone has had that elongated moment. Where you think it will pass…but it doesn’t, the moment stays there and you keep on adding things to it instead of working through the moment, dispelling it from our lives. What am I talking about moments??? STRESS! 

Everyone in this earth has experienced some sort of stress, even new borns coming out into this world have experienced it. Stress can be a good and bad thing. It can help you or bring you down “it can make you or break you,” and yes, there is an between here too. It is how you keep control over it. Yes, Control. I’m stressed just writing about stress…ooooh child! 🙂

Stress comes when something is taking you out of your norm…yes, I dare say the word Normal. By Normal, I mean “YOUR NORMAL.” Which to others may be awkward. Taking you out of your norm in turn can be a good thing because it takes you to a new level, somewhere you had not dared to experience.

I will place myself as an example: How I use to see:

I am now eating healthy… its been a few months now, but BOY oh BOY has it caused stress! Packing my foods earlier, making several small meals, eating it in between clients, hitting the gym in the morning, walking up way too early… see how I just made that sound a bit negative? That is how I use to look at it.

Here is the scenario and how I see it now:

I wake up in the morning take care of myself packing my several meals that will help my metabolism increase, and then I make time for me in between my work day. I am taking care of myself.  I make time for the gym and that makes me feel better.

I took an event and choose to make it into a positive. Of course, the action itself being a positive one. I’m not going to say Doing drugs is good for me either… that would be, well…. For the lack of the phrase i would like to use… a PG13 word, stupid. Its using your common sense, of which many of us, don’t use sometimes. 
Managing your self, your life and placing VALUE to what you really want will help you make decisions on what you want most, what you have to do to make that happen and make you take CONTROL of what you want.  An example, Does time with your child come over going to the movies with your friends on a daily basis ? …. I would say NOT!  Does you having a few hours to yourself after you place your child to bed….I would say YES!. Its all how you schedule yourself.  What you allow in your lifestyle and where you allow it to fit into your life. If you have to schedule time for your kids, do it. Some people say it sounds WAY wrong, but you know what, if you do, then don’t do it. If you like the idea try it. As long its good quality time, and I don’t mean 30 a daily mins either.

Just BE MINDFUL of others while doing you too… don’t neglect other’s, you will feel more stressed afterwards. 

What about us single, non-parent workaholics? 

Schedule yourself too… Being busy is a great thing! keep you out of trouble, but MAKE TIME for your family and friends, even the person you are Dating or Getting to know.  The point of getting to know someone is just that, getting to know if they are compatible with your lifestyle, your constant changes (because changes are the only constant). If you can deal with their flaws and them yours.  Don’t be afraid to show up to your relationship. Hiding or being private will only make the other weary. Don’t be afraid to be you… at the end of the day, they will see you for you anyways.

Work wise, show up too… it help pays the bills. Whatever you do, do your best, be successful and make it happen. If you want to.

If you are like me, you know almost EVERY excuse in the book, but that should not stop you from taking initiative to do something or make it happen and successful.  YOU CAN TAKE CONTROL AND BALANCE YOUR LIFE. YOU CAN DO IT! 

Make it happen people… you don’t want to be stressed out when you can be enjoying life.

How have you learned to relieve stress? How do you do it?  Leave a comment. 🙂

Smile (If you want)

Jes Sofia Valle

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  • Sooooo true! Especially about the diet and exercise. Many of us say we don’t have time to exercise (I was one of them,) and you know what? That is TOTAL BULL! I find that I can make time by getting up at 6 in the morning and go for a run; and getting up at 6 is not hard, because “early sleepers are early risers.” I get a solid 8 hour sleep every night. I pack my lunch everday, meals consisting of fruit, vegetables, grains, protein, fiber, dairy, etc. At first, it all seems like a lot of work, but, in the end, it makes me feel invigorated with little to no room for stress.

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