How are you?

Welcome back!

I’m back! I was on hiatus for a year…yup! Taking care of me! I practice what I preached because I really needed to. Things happen and I learned so much from this year. This year is filled with several themes on our blog. I’ll be writing about most of keeping sane (what is that?!) in our everyday basic (not so basic) lives. Of course with my history and knowledge of being a people-listener-and-helper twist on it. My voice is a lot louder now, so I hope you enjoy our post this year.



Let’s start with: How are you?

Have you ever asked yourself this question more than once a week? (0/)… wait…. Do you even ask yourself this question?

Don’t feel bad. Not many people do. I’ve learned to ask myself this question because I have to. We tend to forget about ourselves much tooooooo often and the “How are you?” is hardly ever answered. Sometimes we do ask ourselves, “How are you?” but do you even answer it honestly?

Most of the time we leave this answer and never give it the response it deserves… why? “Well…to take care of other important things…”  Ummm hummm I see you shaking your head because you just realized you haven’t asked yourself… lol

Here are five ways to actually answer this question. Ready?

  1. Write down on a post-it or journal “How are you?” then follow it by actually writing it down on paper your answer. This may cause you to realize a lot of crazy in your life. But that’s ok. You are not alone on this term… everyone has something going on in their lives in some way, shape or another. It’s good to realize the bad and the good.
  2. Record “How are you (HAY)?” on your phone and by the end of the week you should have a narrative of how you where during the week. Imagine? Just asking you HAY five times… that’s funny… Actually answering it would be great. No? ….. Yes! 😀
  3. Write down in your “I am grateful box” how you are doing and why you are happy that you are doing how you are doing… say that ten times! XP Sometimes your “How” may be negative and you don’t want to answer it…
    1. Following it up with what you are grateful for (you are breathing, you are alive, you can scream on the top of your lungs that you feel CRAPPY and are having a not so good unhappy moment…. Followed by you are able to do just that O.o) helps you work through the negative feelings and moments for a bit.
    2. Life is not so bad when you realize that you are still breathing. Unless you don’t want to do that… then I will HIGHLY recommend you ask for help and get support. (B. I wasn’t messing around…)
  4. Have a “How you are doing buddy.” Someone that actually asks you “How are you?” every day. Note: This will get old on both ends after one month… so I tried. So try having various people ask. Or just get a therapist you go to once a week to ask you about your week. I’m SURE they will ask and listen to all you have to say! Ha-ha
  5. You don’t have to ask yourself how you are doing every day! This is your life! Empower what you need to and if you need to. You can do it once a week, twice a week or every other week. The point: Is to ask yourself how you are doing!

I hope you are able to check on yourself ever so often. I would recommend you talk to people before you do decide to change something drastic in yourself or life and find a team of friends and people who will support you while you asking “How are you?” Sometimes the outcomes are not what you expect… are they ever? Yes, sometimes they are.

Enjoy asking yourself…. How are you?


Smile (if you want),



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