Grief & Loss

Losing someone I’ve noticed has been very hard in this lifetime. We miss the essence of the person, the moments spent and we morn the future we hoped with the person. We will no longer see them.

Something I’ve also learned is the grieving of the person has different stages in life. Why am I writing about this? Well, we have had a loss in my family and recently a few losses in this country and its hard. But more so, to actually have knowledge of what you are going through when you loose someone also helps. These feelings are called the stages of grief. The reason why this is good to know because it helps you understand and it takes away the feeling that your are going “crazy” when all you are doing is grieving. 

Now Before I tell you about these stages I must tell you that there are more ways to feel grief, its not just because you loose someone. This happens when you loose a friend, when you break up with someone, and I’m going to be true to my personality right now… moving up in the world.

There are 5 stages most human go through when they morn someone.

1 Denial It’s a defense mechanism and perfectly natural. 
2  Anger Anger can be seen in many forms ways. This all depends on a person, it can range from not saying anything to hurting themselves, to hurting other. Or Isolating. Everyone deals with sadness in their own way.  
3 Bargaining Asking God to bring them back. This is where a person ask for their loved one back. They beg God to bring them back or they even try to bargain their pain to go away. 
4 Depression
Depression is actually a clump of symptoms (sadness, not being able to eat or sleep, weight gain, loss, anger, isolation, loss of  concentration, feeling hopeless and helpless, can’t control negative thinking, irritable, short-tempenred, reckless behavior, thoughts of not worth living). Note: This can be different for children. 
5 – Acceptance

Some emotional detachment and objectivity. This can happen before or after someone has gone out of your life.

One of the biggest things that you have to remember is that everyone lives and dies. Death is not something that we can avoid. HOWEVER, life and LIVING is something you can ENJOY.  
Life is a piece of cake. Making the cake has a process. Going through this will help you get through.
Smile (If you want) 

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