It is the time of the year where you are shopping to buy things for people in your life that make you smile, that at time make you angry and even make you feel nothing…

But giving a gift is more than just buying something to see someone smile… It can be (if you make it) a gesture of peace, of letting someone you care about know how much you know them (by getting them something they like and would actual wear). It can be whatever you want to make it. And I will have to remind you they too will make it whatever they want to make it also. So… since sometimes others may not see if for what you make the gift…i suggest you make a little note… Tell them why you are giving them a gift. A lot of people have lost the use of the card before the gift, and it was meant to inform them the reason why they are receiving their gift.

I hope when you give, you give whole heatedly. That you give something that’s good for the person, not something that would hurt or jeopardize them or their loves ones. AND have fun making or buying the awesome gift you give.

Smile (if you want)

Jes Sofia


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