Family Time: How to develop the time with Family

By Jes Sofia Valle

One of the things that we forget about first (believe it or not) is spending time with your family. We work so hard, so much for them, that we forget to make time to actually appreciate and enjoy the people we work hard for everyday.

So here are some tips to help begin develop your time with your family:

  1. As the PARENT: find out what is the time your children/Family is available and jot it down.
  2. Find out what your family likes to do individually.
  3. Now combine all their likes (including yours) into what I like to call a #SMASHUP . Definition of a SMASHUP: Make time in one month where everyone gets to try something (hopefully not too expensive) that the other person likes to play with… Mancala, Monopoly, Grand Theft Auto, Bicycle riding, movie watching, cooking, playing football, basketball, making sushi classes? The list can be endless… however, that is a great thing.
  4. Set up a time and meeting.
  5. Make rules for this family time:
    1. No negativity: So no reprimanding, I wanted to talk to you about your grades… (the rules are most of the time are for you the parent).  🙂
    2. Keep it Positive: Example,  That’s awesome!   NOT: That’s awesome, but you should do this or that… :-/
  6. Make it at least two hours.
  7. Put your Social Media Away.  Enjoy the time.
  8. HAVE FUN!

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