Family Special Time…its Time.

What is Family Special Time?

Time that is for Family…

Special Time…

Special Family…

Well… its all of the Above! 🙂 We are VERY busy! Good for you, not make time for your family like you make for work… You are working for you and for them after all right? If there is nagging and screaming when you get home… working hard is hardly working…

So what does Family Special time look like?

Tonight, for many families I help/ed it is Game night… Not like the Kardashian Game night… There is no negativity allowed. Its more like SIMPLY playing a game, and creating an outcome at various sections of the game as to where the losers are the winner and vise versa. 

Art Night

Where you can paint, draw, COLOR, create something for your children’s room together. For those less artistic, you can have your children draw you (don’t get offended if they don’t get you right, laugh) “It’s not the situation … It’s your reaction to the situation – Robert Conklin”  For older families… go to a Museum on free days. 

Family on a Budget? 

OMAGOSH! I love the 99 cent store. you have a plethora of toys, and art and crafts things you can buy. They have paints, markers, paints, cups, plates, cans, food, pasta for less than 99 cents! Oh yes, you will defiantly see me buying loads of crafts there…  You can even buy SUPER nice frames and decorate them with Jelly Paints.  

Holiday Special time

Mother’s day: Christmas: Father’s day: President’s day! (Use all the holidays in the books to make an excuse for Family special time! 🙂 ) buy 99 cent cloths and add sprinkles. Cutting paper. If you are a single mother, have them paint their hand in your card. Single father? Have your kids/older kids, create something for you with tire tubes, cups, and a box… you have not made a funny monster you can color.

Anytime Special time

Ask everyone in the family to write down the positive things about your family. A letter… So healing. At times you can even have them just write a letter of what they think about their lives and family. it can be hurtful to hear sometimes, but it can be healing for them if they are not used to telling or saying much. You can then follow it up with STEPPING UP  (as if you didn’t already right? Here is more) as a parent and after taking a few moments of taking deep breaths… follow up with your loved ones on making a list of ideas that you can do to fix the situation. Most of the time children want something to do with spending money… so before you mention the list, tell them “lets make a list that we can work with out spending money, lets be creative.” And Its an opportune time to teach them about want vs. needs. And the following time you write a letter, remind them of all the great and awesome they are.,%20Dad%20by%20Ben%20Spark_1.thumbnail.jpg 
Night Special time

Make a routine of not screaming to your kids to bed… Go with them…HUH? 
Tuck them in, read them a story, ask them what they likes about their day. Yes even older kids like to be tucked in. Hugs and kisses. 

Make up a Game night! 

I love doing this one! Its my favorite! this week i was working with an AMAZING family who have accomplished sooo much! And we didn’t have a game. But we had a Bowl and Pennys. Awe yeah! 

We each had to through the penny in the bowl and hope it didn’t jump out. if it stayed inside that person would have to tell everyone to do something fun (sing a song, dance, hug, tell a joke). it was so much fun! The family was having a blast. No money spent, we used it though…lol


I have loads. 

Cooking Family Night (tacos! Wraps) Something simple and Yummy 


Movie Night 

Walk around your neighborhood, Know it, be safe about it. Daylight. 

Park day! 

Read a funny Book. 

Help others, Volunteer together 

Any thing you want to read about? Leave me a note please. 🙂 

Smile (if you want)

Jes Sofia

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