Falling off your chair


Today I fell off my chair while laughing in Starbucks… [insert LOL here] HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I was chatting with this random, I have no idea who they are, writer…

He apparently was hilarious since I feel off my chair laughing. I could not hold it in… he was really funny. Then… he said I helped him create a character and would be in his writing. I said… sure! He also I would see it on TV somehow… I said, call Sofia on your script… He said said “ok.” I said, and when you become famous I want some money since you are using my life as a base to this character…

So basically I was laughing at him making fun of my life… Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself, even if its someone else is making fun of all the “stuff” you have gone through.

He made me laugh.

I hope you have an awesome week… I am starting mine with laughter.

 Smile (if you want)

Jes Sofia Valle

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