¡¿En Que Mente Cave?! Poor Children Working…. Really?

Janitor Kids Costume

It is unsound when A person allows themselves to say (because they know right?) that poor kids have no work ethic… really?
First of… A child’s “responsibly” is to be a child! To enjoy their education and be able to feel secure and play! Chores are different than Work… Chores show children how to work LATER in their lives.
So I ask…really?
When a person says anything mean about Children. 
When a person has no idea what being Poor really means. 
What a person will say to grab attention. (You got it, now hear what I have to say).
When a “Leader” chooses to hurt others with his words.
When A person stoops lower than the Low, by DISRESPECTING the “poor” when the people who happen to have less money than you may be in survival mood, working…trying to get through, learning to better themselves. All because a person likes to sound like they are better than “them.” Note: You are not any better than others. The Operative words being NOT. Everyone has a place in his or her world; yours you have chosen to serve a country…so don’t bring them down! (In case you forgot, you are running to serve a country, not just your self or the people who pay you to run).
We are one people with various cultures accept it. Be with it…enjoy it.
Yes, if you say anything about children no matter the Culture… I will speak.  Did you hear? Get use to it, we speak.
Get it right…be a human.  En que mente Cave?!
Come on Gingrich…settle down.

Hold on let me go get a 5 year old to go clean my whole house… Preposterous!
Smile (If you want)
Jes Sofia


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