Did everything on your own? No such thing

Something I have learned through my parents, educators, siblings, friends and foes…is that…I cannot say I have done everything on my own… who I am, how I think, my built, my emotional capacity and my will…are just a part of it.

With that, educate yourself, be kind and always acknowledge the pathways that lead you where you are at now…you did not do everything on your own, no such thing. You where never alone, I bet there was always someone in your pathway guiding you. Even when YOU THOUGHT no one was there for you, the fact that those people where “not there” for you was part of them being there for you now.

Think about it. If it where not for the people in your life, you would not be where you are at now, even if they where or where not what you EXPECTED them to be. You can always ask them to be though, its their choice if they choose not to be that in your life, at least you asked. So Acknowledge them…name by name, bless them and life will do the same.

Always remember this the next time you feel like you are doing everything on your own… There is no such thing. Even the food you bought came from somewhere and was handled by someone else. Thank Them the next time you say no one was there for you. Because unless you are your own farmer/hunter you did not go out there and farm/hunt your own meal.

Have a wonderful morning. 🙂

Smile (if you want)

Jes Sofia


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