Death and Taxes… more like Death IN Taxes… and MORE White House Info.

Here we go!

“We have a number of White House updates that impact…!” -Julie R. TWH

More so, almost all of America if you think about it..What am I talking (writing about)? TAXES…And This does not look good in our pockets for the NEXT YEARS Taxes if you don’t speak up. I know that if the payroll tax cut would not pass…it would mess me up a bit. I already Owe for school Loans…Now Imagine now not being able to get some relief in your taxes because you own a lot more?

“On Wednesday, President Obama spoke at Scranton High School about the American Jobs Act and why passing the payroll tax cut for the middle class is so important. On Thursday, the Senate rejected an extension of the payroll tax cut that is set to expire at the end of the month. If Congress doesn’t act, taxes will go up on approximately 160 million Americans on January 31st. Use the tax calculator on the White House web page to figure out how much more you would have to pay.” -The White House


“President Obama continued to take executive actions this week because We Can’t Wait for Congress:

  • “On Monday the President issued a Presidential Memorandum to modernize government records management; and on Wednesday Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, announced a plan to accelerate the adoption of health information technology.” – TWH

This means, stop the paper, use electronic chart (I will assume). We have it all over mental health and in hospitals… just the next step. I think they will need to hire a Scanning technician with for old files. That is what UCLA did with old x-rays… Yes I use to be a film Liberian that scanned x-rays. I’m pretty sure their paperwork is headed to the scanner too… Be careful WH, you want to know who is scanning our papers VERY well…

  • “Friday, President Obama announced nearly $4 billion of investment in energy upgrades to public and private buildings through the Better Buildings Challenge. These investments will accelerate progress toward the President’s goal of making America’s buildings 20 percent more efficient by 2020 and will also create tens of thousands of construction jobs.” -TWH

I got a phone call recently about solar power… I think its a great idea, it would allow for more jobs.

  • “On Thursday, President Obama marked World AIDS Day by speaking at an event called “The Beginning of the End of AIDS.” The President announced that he is directing $50 million in increased funding for domestic HIV/AIDS treatment and care — an additional $15 million for the Ryan White program for HIV medical clinics across the country, and $35 million for state AIDS Drug Assistance Programs.When compared with all other racial/ethnic groups, Latinos are more likely to die from AIDS related complications within 18 months of HIV diagnosis.” -TWH 

 I say YES to this! I believe that that in order to fight it, you have to know about it. HIV is bigger than what you think… Just because you may not know much about it, or ignore it, does not mean it does not exist.  To put the word out is easy, to make it happen takes money. Good one.

My Question is… DO you want to have a say on how much you want to get back or give to taxes? I would…Speak up! Use your rights. 🙂 
Smile (If you want) 
Jes Sofia


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