Being Beauty Personified

Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. I say take it back, and make being Beauty all yours.

You see… there is always more power when you know, feel, believe (think), look and are beautiful/handsome (B/H). Who you are is what makes you a Beauty. I want you to think about this…You can make you beautiful/Handsome. This starts with loving yourself, who you are, your character. Allow embracing your culture, your ethnicity and your knowledge of your self-culture

These are some tips to Begin or continue being a Beauty: 

  •  You are you. No one else will be you. They can only aspire to be you.
  • You are the person that looks in the mirror daily, and you have the power to love you.
  • Love always starts with you. When you love yourself, you are then able to love others. Note: If you love someone else, then you know there is ability to love yourself. 
  • Being beautiful is a full time job. Working on you, your spirituality, emotions, thoughts, physical, and all that makes you is work. Pay yourself with a compliment. 
  • When someone chooses to TRY to tell you are not a beautiful person, you have the power to know better… because they are not you. They don’t feel the cracking of your bones, the heart that pumps with in you, or how you think. 
  • Working on you is not a sin. You are you. Feeling beautiful is a great thing. Embracing your quirks, your imperfections only tell you that you are awesome and alive! 
  • And lastly, Once you are able to take care of you, you will be able to take care of others too. Put your Oxygen mask on first.
This was inspired by the attendance of the Fashion show by Sonsi. I went to see what cute dresses and fashion I can place on my wardrobe. Work, I tell ya’. It is so much fun being alive and beautiful. 
Also, I was able to tell others on what beautiful things I can do to help others. Exciting!

The equation for this post (Beauty = Beautiful or Handsome = you!) 



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  • Wow, I love this video. Rosa is gorgeous and as a man, I apologize for the men who have hurt women. I have been raised in a home built by a gentleman and a strong woman. My mother, aunts, and sisters are all forces of nature and hardly timid. So I myself am not threatened by a woman in any sense but have felt the most love and sincerity from women who are greater than the figurines of plastic. I celebrate the authentic full bodied, and tall mujeres of God’s creation. I am 6’2” and no wimp; JSV I support your cause amiga.

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