Basics–101 By Berenice & Jes

Berenice: I know when I first started cooking all I knew how to do was spaghetti, boil pasta add sauce.. that is all .. now that I have two boys I have branched out but you know what one of their favs is? MY grilled cheese sandwiches ;)!

Butter your bread (or use a touch of olive oil) on both sides leave on the side
In a skillet put a slice or two of ham or turkey season with black pepper or Mrs.Dash lemon pepper (seasoning salt is optional)
Once sizzling place it on top of one slice of bread and place the bread on the skillet
Place a slice of American or Swiss cheese and place the other slice of bread on top and flip the sandwich

I serve it with tomato soup and they are in heaven! 🙂

JesSofia: Don’t forget to eat the food too! LOL Yummy!

Berenice: They never leave me any! grrrrrrrrr….

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