Asking- It has a Process my Journey of loving living life (try saying that 10xs), I’ve learned that everything has a process. I am still learning that everything has a process at age 28, oh wait, 29 now…  Can you believe this?   I would think by know that the phrase/thought “there is a process to asking for things” is ingrained into my thought process… but no… I still forget.

Like yesterday, I become excited about an idea I had. After speaking to someone about my idea, I was quickly informed that there was a method to asking to get my idea accomplished. Kudos to that someone.  I re-learned that there is a method to asking. Asking for things… Simple right? Which brings me back to basics.

I began to think of rules I learned in grammar school. I.E:  How to do ask to go to the bathroom? Raise your hand
2. Wait until you are spoken to
3. Have to say “May I PLEASE”
4. Get the Big PINK key
5. Get a hall pass…
6. Continue to follow directions.

So why is it that at age 29, I forgot how to ask for something?

Let me know what you think…(leave a comment) 

Smile (If you want),

Jes Sofia Valle

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